Our Process

We have perfected an effective 12 step process to sell for a premium price in a timescale that suits you.

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The Castledene 12 Step Process

We’ve sold more than 10,000 homes since 2008. But only one matters right now – YOURS.

In keeping with everything we do, we’ve perfected our process to make sure your home is sold for a premium price in a timescale that suits you.

Here's how we do it

1. Get The Price Right

Your property MUST be priced properly to attract maximum interest, that goes without saying but you’d be shocked how many agencies get this wrong.

Too high and no one is interested, making it much harder to sell.

Our valuation will always be realistically priced to sell.

2. Your Home's Marketing Matters

The price grabs the attention, the presentation drives the interest and offers.

Our marketing does precisely that.

We include: Top quality photography – Facebook video tours – Selected properties benefit from aerial photos and footage.

3. We Have Lift Off

So, the price has been agreed, our marketing machine is fired up, and it’s all systems go ready to launch your home for sale.

We know the perfect time to promote your home on our portals and to our database.

4. Proactive NOT Reactive

When it comes to selling your home, we won’t be outworked or outperformed.

We use several methods to ensure your property and its availability are publicised to the largest possible audience.

This includes SMS (text) messaging and email marketing.

5. Enquiries and Viewings

In-keeping with our Investors in People Gold standards, our team receive both internal and external customer service training to deliver the perfect client experience.

By initially showcasing your home through a virtual and video tour, people can view it from the comfort of their own homes. This filters out timewasters AND attracts serious buyers.

6. Track and Tweak

We continually review the data around your home.

We check how many views it’s getting, how many calls we’re receiving and several other data collection points to ensure your property sells for a premium price.

7. Always Listening, Always Learning

We are always upfront and honest, and we expect the same from our clients.

We will listen to feedback about your property and learn from it to put you in pole position to sell successfully.

8. Consistently Clear Communication

We have well-established processes in place to ensure we always communicate clearly and consistently with you and keep you updated.

We will always listen to you and use your preferred method of being contacted.

9. An Offer You Can Refuse

You are OUR client, and we promise to use our experience to get you the best price.

With that in mind, we negotiate hard on your behalf and have the skill to get you a deal you’re delighted with.

10. Choosing a Legal Eagle

Solicitors play an essential part in your sale's progression, and that’s why we have a clear plan around how to select the best one for you.

We have great relationships with several local solicitors and can recommend them to you with confidence.

11. Progression Persistence Pays Off

So, you’ve accepted an offer you’re delighted with and instructed a solicitor you have confidence in, job done right?

Well no, not just yet. 30% of sales collapse at this stage, which is why our team are so diligent and persistent in progressing your sale.

12. Mission Completed

The biggest buzz we get as agents, is the phone call we make to tell our clients their sale has completed successfully.

It is a moment we all enjoy as the plan has come together and our clients are happy.