Investments May 10, 2017

Is Property one of the Best Investments You Can Make?... Hell Yes!

In the UK there are over 64 million of us, with the increasing population - clearly the demand for accommodation is increasing. This will mean, long term, only one outcome – property prices continuing to increase.

The Office for National Statistics predicts the UK’s Population to rise by 4.4 million over the next 10 years reaching 70 million in 2027.

Investors ask me is it safe to invest in property. The analogy I use is that if you were to go to your bank for a loan, they would go through the formality of asking you what it was for. If you then proceed to tell them it was to buy stocks, in the stock market there probably going to smile politely and tell you they can’t help.  When you go and say you’re investing in property, they will gladly continue with you, as they know property is a safe investment for them, which is not the case with stocks and shares.

Currently is a fantastic time to buy property. However not just any property, if it sounds to go to be true 9/10 its probably because there are problems with it.

We at Castledene Property Investment specialise in sourcing property below market value and with strong rental yields - Which means we can help you take advantage of the current market conditions.

Our mortgage advisors can help; For example, they can ensure you maximise the return from the monies you have available. Often the best mortgage products can be found with banks that are not typically found on the high street. They will work with you to ensure that your portfolio is supported by the best mortgage products that will help you achieve your financial objectives.

In the North East of England we estimate that we are about 8-10 years away from 2006/7 peak market prices. Those buying now, with the right advice, in preparation for the next peak - will be the winners!

Is Property one of the Best Investments You Can Make?... Hell Yes!