Blog June 30, 2017

Landlord Clinic tips and tricks No 3

Get organised

This tip sounds obvious but you will be surprised at how many landlords or even dare I say it, other lettings agents need to take notice. Be organised. In fact, be so organised it really makes other people think, is that even necessary.

When you are dealing with everything that goes on in the lettings industry, the 200 laws and regulations, the emotional ups and downs, the repairs etc. it makes perfect sense to document everything, have audit trails for audit trails. Here are a few tips you can start to implement in your property portfolio and business.

·         Have forms and checklists for everything. Tenant application, taking the deposit, when it was registered.

·         Only collect rent where there is an audit trail. When collecting cash, its easily forgotten to give a receipt.

·         Any legal requirement, make a diary note of and use a reminder. Even in your phone if you haven’t any software.

·         Any phone call either follow up with an email or makes notes on your PC or phone. You may have to rely on them at a later date.

·         If you say you are going to do something, then make sure you do it. If you miss an appointment or let the tenant down, it sends a clear message to them that its ok for them to do the same.

·         Have a filing system at home for all your paperwork and copies of documents. Scan and save them to cloud if you want.

·         Use software where possible to help you organise. If you are not technological savvy, then ask someone else to help.

Very basic and common sense but as the saying goes common sense is not common practice. We all make mistakes, but the trick is to learn from them and improve.

If any landlords would like any help or advice, and remember you don’t even have to be a customer of ours, then please get in touch by emailing

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