Blog October 31, 2017

Landlord Clinic tips and tricks No 15

Buy cheap buy twice

Have you ever bought something because it was cheap and then had to either buy again or just chalk it up to experience? Don’t do that with your agent. If an agent is charging you much less than average it’s for a reason. They won’t be investing in their staff, training and development, the latest in innovation or technology or even the many industry accreditations that ensure they comply with legislation.

Being a reputable company in any industry, let along the property world, requires constant reinvestment into the business and you can’t do that charging really low fees.

Cheap is NEVER better. If you have been following our blogs you will realise the questions you should be asking your cheap agent. I guarantee they won’t be able to answer in a positive manner if they are charging you next to nothing.

A professional landlord will choose on quality of service, an amateur landlord will choose on price

If any landlords would like any help or advice, and remember you don’t even have to be a customer of ours, then please get in touch by emailing

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