Blog January 17, 2018

Top 7 Ways to Find the Best Place to Live

Moving to a different area is a difficult decision to make, where is the best place for the family? What if I pick the wrong place? These questions may well be floating around in your mind as you consider your options. But in this blog, we aim to provide the best top tips for making sure you decide on the right move for you and your family.

1.      1. Know the type of area you are wanting to move to – The main groundwork you must put down is knowing the size and style of the area you want to move to, making sure the whole family is suited. For instance, if you are wanting to move from the country into the city you must ask yourself why, is this the perfect lifestyle for you?


2.      2. Cost of living – For everyone this is a crucial part and an area you should really research. Check average house prices, food, things to do and of course transport.


3.      3. Job Availability – Start by looking at the most popular jobs in that area and apply it to your own abilities. Are the salaries suitable for your line of work? What are the progression options within the businesses?


4.      4. Local Schools – If you have children, looking at the local schools should be one of your top priorities, making sure to check average grades and overall achievement. Once the perfect school is found, you should start searching properties within the catchment area for busses or even walking distance.


5.      5. Neighbourhood – Local communities normally have their own qualities which are individual to that area. Visit the neighbourhood, talk to the locals and get to know them. There is no better information on that area than from someone who lives there.


6.      6. Commute – After researching local jobs you must next look at the commute time and transport links, how long it takes to drive, how often local busses run and even the prices of taxis. Explore all your options.


7.      7. Crime Statistics – This area is often not thought of, but no one wants to live in a high crime area. As well as online research, pop by police stations and talk to local people about how they perceive the area when it comes to crime.


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