Blog January 24, 2018

The Best Space Saving Tips for Your Home

No matter how big your home is, you can always do with more room. In this blog we discuss fantastic space saving tips for whether you have an apartment or house.


Flats are perfect for those just starting out on the property ladder, they are more affordable, their location is always near main amenities and they are great for one person. But they do come with space limitations…

The first step to space saving is always to sort through your belongings and keep only crucial items but in many cases this just isn’t enough. Have you thought about transforming furniture? Why buy a couch and a bed when you can get both in one piece! There are endless options for this type of furniture, whether it be a dining table to a desk or even a table to an ironing board. This is a great area to research.

You may feel you have utilised all the space in your flat, but your walls can often be overlooked. There are so many storage options which can be fitted to your wall that don’t affect your room space. Take a look at shelving options, hanging wardrobes and even wall mounted desks.


Houses are usually owned by people who have a bigger family or want to settle down. Even though they offer more than one storey of storage, chances are you could do with more space. First of all, its important to maximise the space you already have, look at reducing clutter and brightening the room with lighter colours and mirrors, giving the illusion of a bigger room.

The next step is to consider each room and how belongings can be managed better, utilise all storage space, get rid of items which are not needed and don’t forget to also look at wall options too. Appliances should also be looked at, are they in the way? Could they be fitted somewhere else?

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