Blog January 15, 2019

5 Home Office Essentials to Set You Up For 2019

January is the perfect month to get organised and sort your business plans for the year. But if you work from home, it can be sometimes hard to create the right environment. In this blog we go over home office essentials to help boost your productivity!


The Right Technology

It may seem obvious to have a computer in your office, but are you making sure it’s the right one for you? If your work is very visual, then there are lots of addons such as drawing pads and graphic design software that can improve your overall work. Where as if your work is more numbers and figures, investing in the correct software to help make your job easier is important.

It’s also crucial that you have high speed internet access, there’s nothing worse than wasting half your day waiting for something to load. The quicker the internet the more you will get done!


A Comfy Area

Sometimes being sat at a desk all day can actually reduce productivity as your mind is not being refreshed. The best way to overcome this is to have a space your office that is comfy and relaxed, this could be a sofa or a cosy chair. By having this space, it gives you somewhere to time out and focus on what’s happening next, plus it will give you more opportunity to come up with ideas.


Good Lighting

You may not think it, but lighting can have a huge effect on your mood and how you work. It’s important to create the right balance so you feel comfortable. Low light often can cause sleepiness and lead to less productivity where as bright light can cause headaches and can create a stressful atmosphere. It’s all about finding the right balance for you.

A Good Chair

The right chair can really make all the difference… With so many options out there its crucial to do your research looking at the chairs that support your back in the best way. Don’t forget that you shouldn’t stay sat down all the time, it important for your mind and body to move around regularly throughout the day.

5 Home Office Essentials to Set You Up For 2019

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